Conference FAQs

How much does registration cost?

Registration is all-inclusive (conference fee, two nights lodging, and four meals) for a total fee of $670.

Who can register for the Adapted Physical Education conference?

Anyone! We are open to all who are interested in learning more about adapted physical education.

When does registration open and close?

Registration will open February 1st, 2024 - Link to register


Where do I list my choice of rooms?

Yes, you can select your preference when you register.

Do I get a discount for sharing a room?

At the Colorado Adapted Physical Education Conference, we understand the importance of affordability for all our attendees. While we do not provide additional discounts for attendees sharing rooms with fellow conference participants, we are committed to offering a discounted rate on all rooms and providing inclusive pricing. This approach allows us to keep the overall cost of the conference accessible to all teachers, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities without compromising on quality. Our aim is to create an inclusive and enriching environment for all participants, making the conference an affordable and worthwhile investment in your professional development.

Where is the conference held?

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort stands as an idyllic venue for the Colorado Adapted Physical Education Conference. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, the resort offers a picturesque backdrop for a conference that seamlessly combines professional development with natural serenity. Attendees can indulge in the resort’s rejuvenating hot springs, ranging from 70 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, providing the perfect setting for relaxation after insightful conference sessions. With luxury lodging, delicious dining options, and the opportunity to explore Colorado’s stunning landscapes, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort ensures an enriching and immersive experience, making it an ideal location for educators seeking both professional growth and a rejuvenating mountain getaway.

Where are the nearest airports to the resort?

Conveniently located, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers accessibility from both Denver and Colorado Springs airports for the Colorado Adapted Physical Education Conference attendees. Situated approximately 130 miles southwest of Denver International Airport (DEN), the scenic drive takes around 2.5 to 3 hours, allowing attendees to enjoy the picturesque journey through the Rocky Mountains. For those flying into Colorado Springs Airport (COS), the resort is around 125 miles northwest, with a travel time of approximately 2.5 hours. Whether arriving from Denver or Colorado Springs, the resort’s stunning location promises a memorable and rewarding experience for conference participants.

Can the conference team assist me in finding a ride to the resort?

For attendees seeking alternatives to driving in the mountains or looking to reduce transportation costs to Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, our conference staff is more than happy to assist. If you express concerns about navigating mountainous terrain or wish to explore cost-sharing options for transportation, we can facilitate connections with fellow attendees willing to carpool. It’s essential to note that while we are committed to fostering connections and easing logistical challenges, the conference staff cannot be held liable for any arrangements made between individuals. We encourage attendees to communicate directly with each other to coordinate travel plans, promoting a collaborative and supportive community among participants. Your comfort and convenience are our priorities, and we are here to ensure a positive and inclusive experience at the Colorado Adapted Physical Education Conference.